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Mother of 16 children on £600 a week in benefits boasts she gets too much… but that won’t stop baby No 17 (by sixth father)

Kathy Black claims £600 a week in benefits to take care of some of her 16 children

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Violence Against Men

In this video, I focus on how violence against women is viewed much differently than violence against men in the media.

Bombay HC fines wife Rs 10k for lying in divorce case

Justice Roshan Dalvi directed Mumbai resident Seema Patil to pay Rs 10,000 as damages to her husband Ajit for filing an application to condone the delay by giving false reasons.

Woman Calls in False Bomb Threat to Iberia Airline Flight to Stop Boyfriend from Leaving

A Chilean woman has been charged with making a false bomb threat after attempting to stop her boyfriend from flying off to a new job.

Male sexual harassment is not a joke !!!!

“Many people mistakenly believe that harassment is limited to females,” says Roberta Chinsky Matuson, a human resource expert.  “The truth is that this type of experience is just as damaging to men.”

Audio recording of Westland-Police assault may overturn conviction


You don’t believe me or nothing I say; what because I’m the dude here?” he asked.

Dowry Cases, Relatives being framed…says High Court

Relatives being framed…says High Court.