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Harried husbands’ chief to apologise to women

He was slapped with a penalty of Rs 1 lakh by the high court….

old news-


Rising crime against women in Delhi? No way, says cop !

IAS officer slapped child over scratch to car

पत्नी ने किया जज को जलाने का प्रयास

India’s gender-biased laws are tools of extortion

If any woman is having problems with her marriage, by filling cases under the Dowry Act she can force her husband to pay huge alimony. They assume that it is their right to abuse the husband as the law has empowered them with certain rights

The facade called Women Empowerment

Marriage in India has always been projected as a “necessary evil” for women and in this process it is the men who are made to pay the price and are told to adjust / compromise at all times asking them to do so in the name of Women Equality

Linguistic Mathematics of Misandrist Media

 Let’s take a potshot at how the media equates similar emotions of men and women with some live and real examples.